Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mobicents Sip Servlets 2.0.0.ALPHA2 and CDI Telco Framework 1.0.0.ALPHA1 released !

We are proud to announce our Mobicents Sip Servlets 2.0.0.ALPHA2 version , certified against the Sip Servlets 1.1 specification and working on top of Tomcat 7.0.8.

This release goes a step further in our march towards creating Mobicents Sip Servlets 2.0 by adding :
  • CDI integration with our new framework : Converged CDI Telco Framework (CTF) . CTF mission statement is to simplify SipServlets development by introducing a component based programming model, ease of development by making available SIP utilities out of the box, and finally providing dependency injection and contextual lifecycle management to the SipServlets.
  • Better Servlet 3.0 integration : Check out our Converged Click2Call Async Servlet 3.0 application that leverages the new Async (Server Push) features from the Servlet 3.0 specification integrated to the Sip Servlets specification
Again a BIG Thanks to Georges Vagenas who does it again and contribute this second ALPHA release along with the CDI Telco Framework that will allow you to create Converged SIP/HTTP Applications benefiting from the new HTTP Servlet 3.0 features such as Asynchronous Support and benefit from Java EE 6 with a better component based model for SIP Applications.

Check the complete Roadmap to see what's cooking ahead

Downloads are here, online documentation is here, User Guide is here, the 2.0.0.ALPHA2 changelog and roadmap is here and the Mobicents Google Group for feedback and questions is here.

Try out this new awesome release and give us your feedback !
Enjoy and Have Fun !

The Mobicents Sip Servlets Team


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