Monday, June 28, 2010

OKI Contributes their SSF Framework to Mobicents !

We are delighted to announce that OKI has become a Mobicents contributor and chosen Mobicents as a Platform to open source their Spring SIP Servlets Application Framework that will allow SIP Servlets application developers to add easily VoIP features to their existing Spring applications.

This makes Mobicents SIP Servlets the one stop shop place where app developers can leverage their existing Frameworks such as the populars Seam and Spring and extend their apps with Communications 2.0 features through Seam Telco Framework and SSF respectively.

By doing so OKI has taken one first great of many steps towards open sourcing their high expertise and experience to help develop stable and powerful convergent applications quickly.

Through such efforts, OKI plans to help expand the field of info-telecom converged solutions based on SIP Servlets, so it is to be expected that more frameworks/tooling is going to be contributed to increase the overall developer experience and community around SIP Servlets to Mobicents.

Read about the press release

Check out the documentation

The Mobicents SIP Servlets Team



  1. 2 occurrences of "developpers" in first and second paragraphs.

    Sorry for nitpicking, but developer's eyes are sensitive to details. :) I'm not a native speaker myself, therefore I love spellchecker. ;)

  2. Hi Jean,
    when to expect Seam telco for jBoss 5.x and media 2.x.

  3. Seam Telco is already working on top of JBoss 5.
    The only thing is that the Media facilities are not present anymore and media should be done through JSR 309