Monday, January 26, 2009

Mobicents Sip Servlets 0.7.2 Released !

This release is primarly a bug fix release where a handful of bug fixes have been fixed (see below), please note that Issue 519 can potentially break your existing apps (make sure the main-servlet element in your sip.xml is enclosed by servlet-selection element) and The JBoss version has also been updated with the latest Mobicents Media Server release (1.0.0.CR5).
  • Issue 482 Sip Servlet Listeners can not load classes from WEB-INF/lib
  • Issue 489 Problem with Subsequent Requests in MSS
  • Issue 494 Duplicating of URI parameters in SipURIImpl
  • Issue 497 Address.toString() doesn't contain any Address parameters
  • Issue 504 Route to Load Balancer not added in ha proxy case
  • Issue 505 PRACK can not be proxied properly and generate 500 response
  • Issue 507 URI encoded by SipApplicationSession is rejected by mobicents load balancer
  • Issue 514 Proxying subsequest INVITE overrides CSeq
  • Issue 519 Tomcat/JBoss 4 parsing not compliant with the xsd
  • Issue 523 java.lang.IllegalStateException: "invalidate": Session already invalidated
Downloads are here, online documentation is here, User Guide is here and the Mobicents Google Group for feedback and questions is here.

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